Suit & Artist Manifesto

The Suit

Know your worth. Provide value.

• Reject the poor artist trope: no one should starve for their craft
• To be a professional artist is to be an entrepreneur
• Know your figures and examine your data, but choose action over analysis
• Think like a salesperson: sales fund your creativity
• Invest in your business and yourself: therapy, training and marketing unlock growth
• Use technology as a tool. Capitalize on your online property
• Hold your non-negotiables close as you work towards your goals
• Have it all: you can be both revolutionary and rich

The Artist

Create art that matters.

• Master the fundamentals of your craft then experiment to find your voice
• Be honest about what motivates you and let it propel you
• Stay informed: learning lasts a lifetime
• Be prolific: find growth in your mistakes
• Build a community that supports your creative journey
• Cherish your integrity. If the deal feels off, walk away
• Get over yourself: you’re neither as great nor as bad as you think you are

You’re a Suit & Artist when:

• You have passion for your craft and adventurous interests beyond it
• You dream big while challenging society’s norms
• Your roots are in counterculture but you can navigate the mainstream
• You’re an activist with strong opinions yet you welcome new perspectives
• You know when to lead and when to serve

Prosper without
compromising you integrity.

Suit & Artist can help you achieve your creative and commercial goals.

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