About Us

Helping you succeed commercially and creatively.

Suit & Artist is a production company and community combining practical, data-based insights with inimitable flair. From websites to block parties, digital marketing campaigns to art installations, we've promoted creators and brands across digital and physical spaces and built a reputation as a go-to agency, thriving at the intersection between creativity, commerce, and culture.

Our mission has always been bridging the gap between creativity and commerce, calling a truce in the battle between artistic passion and business acumen. And we've achieved it. 

Now, we’ve set our sights on a new goal: becoming a trusted source of education, opportunity, and economic empowerment for creators.

How will we do this?

Over the years, we’ve cultivated an expansive network, gathered mountains of data, and developed repeatable systems and processes. Through interviews, courses, events, marketing services, and professional development programs, we leverage our expertise in support of artists as they become tomorrow’s creative powerhouses.

Our business development services take on a vital supporting role in scaling your business or personal brand. Profound and vibrant film, video, and audio content will continue under our production company. And with ongoing web and digital marketing service offerings, we provide the infrastructure you need to prosper without compromising your integrity.

With this holistic approach, we will raise your profile, expand your customer base, and broaden your cultural horizons without breaking a sweat.

Achieving your business goals is standard practice, but realizing your lifelong creative and commercial aspirations? 

We’ll help you do that too.

Read The Suit & Artist ManifestoRead The Suit & Artist Manifesto
Read The Suit & Artist Manifesto