About Us

Suit & Artist is a community and agency that helps you achieve your creative and business goals.

Our digital marketing and web services allow your business or brand to soar. Meanwhile, our production company takes an innovative and bold approach to projects of all kinds from video to audio. We’ve got over a decade of experience in these fields and countless success stories to our name.

From websites to block parties, online marketing campaigns to art installations, we've built a reputation as a go-to marketing agency, thriving at the intersection between urban creativity, commerce, and culture.

Over the years, we’ve developed an expansive network of collaborators, professional resources, and insights that we share with the S&A community through our original content.

Through courses, events, and business opportunities we support artists in their journey to become tomorrow’s creative powerhouses.

We will raise your profile, expand your customer base, and broaden your cultural horizons without breaking a sweat.

Achieving your business goals is standard practice, but realizing your lifelong creative and commercial aspirations?

We’ll help you do that too.

Read The Suit & Artist ManifestoRead The Suit & Artist Manifesto
Read The Suit & Artist Manifesto